Kettlebell workout routines for hiit training

Kettlebell workout routines for hiit training are a match made in heaven. It’s shape and weight distribution make it a multi-faceted tool that can leave you sore from top to bottom when you leave the gym. And the best part is that it’s the only piece of equipment you’ll need. This fact makes your exercise life completely negotiable to your situation. Work, vacation, kids home sick? Kettlebell workout routines make any setting a good setting for a workout.

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Low carb high fat resources for beginners

The low carb high fat diet is implemented by reducing the number of carbohydrates (specifically starches and sugars) to less than 60 grams a day. But it’s not just about reducing the number of carbs; you must also increase the amount of fat you’re consuming daily as well. You should aim for 3 quarters of your daily caloric intake to come from fats. The other quarter being protein with the small amount of carb added in.

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Easy low carb recipes for your ketogenic diet menu

We’ve talked about the perceived “walls” that people run into while following the Ketogenic diet. If you don’t try earnestly to stay creative and enthusiastic, you can end up eating the same foods over and over again – which loses attractiveness quickly. So how do you avoid this state of “diet boredom” while maintaining your fat burning lifestyle? You develop easy low carb recipes for your Ketogenic diet menu!

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Hiit Workout Plans for Fat Burning

HIIT workout plans or High Intensity Interval Training are designed to burn fat and build muscle.

Traditional HIIT training (learn more here) involves repeated “circuits” of high intensity exercises followed by periods of rest. The rest periods are often shortened, and the focus isn’t on the amount of weight you can do, but rather the efficiency with which you can complete the number of required circuits. And no matter what your activity life looks like, HIIT Training can be implemented to assist with your muscular and cardiovascular growth. The principles can literally be applied to every type of exercise or sport.

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MCT OIl Onnit

Exogenous Ketone Review: Onnit MCT Oil / Emulsified MCT Oil

There are numerous MCT Oil products out there that say they’re giving you pure energy, but many of these brands are just massive manufacturers hiding behind some slick branding. When we review a product and contemplate putting it on our site we look for performance – that’s a given. But we also look at the brand. We want to know if they’re for real, if they really are invested in helping people optimize their lives.

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Exogenous Ketone Reviews: KetoCaNa and KetoForce


KetocaNa exogenous ketone image

Product Overview

KetoCana is an exogenous ketone product that comes in powder form and is served by mixing it with water and consuming 15 minutes before intense exercise (or when energy is needed).

What makes this product unique is that unlike many other workout energy products, KetoCaNa is designed with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is the most effective ketone body for energy, and can act as a replacement to carbohydrate-centric energy. One aspect of the Ketogenic Diet that many adherents notice in beginning the diet is that they lack energy. This is because their body’s are used to the quick (but fleeting) energy of carbs; with KetoCaNa, you can harness the energy of ketones, which will sustain you for a longer duration without the crash of carbs.

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ketone strips feature

Ketone Strips: are they legit?

Ketone strips fall into two distinct categories that dictate the accuracy of the test you are taking. These two categories are urine and blood.

The degree to which ketone strips help you to successfully monitor your blood ketone levels will be greatly affected by which of these you use. Think of a urinalysis as the book jacket version, and a blood test as the entire Moby Dick novel in regard to detail.

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The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List


The Ketogenic Diet is easier if you eat animal products – period.

But can a vegetarian or vegan be Keto? Does the necessity of fat and the small margin for carbs eliminate anyone else for meat and dairy consumers? No. The Vegetarian and Vegan can still be LCHF while observing their food preferences. Here at Keys to Ketosis, we’ve provided a vegan ketogenic diet food list to help anyone who is conscious of what types of food they consume, but still wants to (or has to) pursue a low-carb high-fat lifestyle.

Check out the list of food we’ve compiled for a low-carb vegan diet below!

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Essential Ketosis Diet Plan Cover Image

The Essential Ketosis Diet Plan Supply List

A Ketosis Diet Plan is a carefully considered, thought execution of lifestyle optimization. You’re going from someone who is controlled by impulse, to someone who controls life. Food is no longer a master, ordering you around by whatever craving you have. It has now become a tool – and a damn good one at that. But before you can execute, you need supplies for this plan. You can’t build a house without the tools, and you can’t escape a deteriorating eating style until you know what you need to do it. Listed below are you essential Ketosis Diet Plan tools.

Get to work!
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