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The Ketogenic Diet Cancer Connection

Cancer has long been one of the most prevalent, and insidious diseases that plagues our society. Manifesting itself in various forms, this disease can take someone slowly, without the person even knowing it. Compounded with the fact that the medical industry has made chemotherapy and radiation as the first choice to combat the disease, Cancer has become one of the slowest, most expensive, ways to die.

But there’s something that many well-meaning, hopeful cancer patients never hear about before entering the painful, protracted treatments prescribed by most physicians…

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The 4 Ketosis Symptoms You Should Be Looking For

Ketosis is the condition in which your body begins burning fat instead of carbs for its energy source.

Ketosis Symptoms Resource
A great starter resource for learning about the Ketogenic Diet!

The benefits of ketosis range widely, but some of the best include:

  • fat loss
  • increased endurance
  • less cravings
  • shredded physique
  • neurological optimization

But how do you know when you’re in ketosis? Are there symptoms that you’re in ketosis? Is there a way to “feel” like you’re in ketosis?

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Grass-Fed A Must-Have For Your Keto Diet Plan

You might think you’re eating healthy, but in all reality, you could be eating poison.

This poison comes off the grill, it’s slathered on our food, it’s sliced into with a knife at a ritzy dinner date.

This poison is grain-fed beef. And not just beef, it’s any product that comes from grain-fed beef, which includes butter – an essential source of fat on a keto diet plan.

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Guest Post: High Fat Dad Bod by Gabe Rivera

We are happy to share our friend Gabe Rivera’s recent article, “High Fat Dad Bod” with you! This is our very first guest post, and it’s incredible. It captures the essence of an educated, passionate approach to burning fat and measuring results. We hope that this piece encourages you, and motivates you to chase the fat burning lifestyle – just like Gabe! Gabe writes at, so be sure to stop by there and check out his other great articles!

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Piss on ‘em: Ketosis Strips, that is.

The clues are in the urine.

Wait, what?

If you’re on the Ketogenic Diet, you can find out if you’re in ketosis by testing your urine with Ketosis Strips.

These days, everyone is a keto dieter, but very few actually know they’re in ketosis. Sure, you can follow the diet and take the supplements, but if it’s all predicated on reaching a certain metabolic condition, wouldn’t you want to know if you’ve achieved it?

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Ketosis Breath have you down? Beat it today!

Your Ketogenic diet is going great! You’re losing weight, feeling better, and your prepared for a healthy life in Ketosis! Only problem is when you go to tell anyone about your diet they get a look of disgust and cover their nose.

You ask a friend what he thinks the issue might be, and he only has one thing to say: “Ketosis Breath.” Ketosis Breath is an unfortunate side effect that befalls many Keto dieters. The important thing to remember is that it’s not just you, and it isn’t forever. There’s also an explanation and a solution for it. Continue reading “Ketosis Breath have you down? Beat it today!”