4 Steps to Ketosis Weight Loss

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Still sticking to that New Year’s weight loss resolution?

I certainly hope so, but the statistics are not in your favor. A recent report by the Washington Post revealed that 25% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail within the first week! Yikes!

If you fall into this 25% or you didn’t even bother making a weight loss resolution, we’ve got just the thing for you!

This four step process to ketosis weight loss will have you burning fat and losing weight within a week of starting! This won’t be easy, it won’t always be “fun,” but it will be worth it.

Ketosis weight loss (Resource here) is an underutilized approach to getting in shape. With so much misinformation out there about fat and its role in weight loss, it’s no wonder people are struggling to hit their weight loss goals.

That changes here and now.

Keep reading to learn the steps and start losing weight today!

Step 1. Determine a ketosis weight loss goal

Imagine if I gave you some darts and told you to throw them at a wall. No target, no bullseye, nothing. Just a blank wall. How would you know if you were doing well or poorly? You wouldn’t. Targets make all the difference.

Hoping to lose weight without a target weight in mind almost guarantees failure. This is because it doesn’t provide the satisfaction of success. You’ll always see someone in better shape, or skinnier, or whatever. Without a goal for you to accomplish, you’ll always just be arbitrarily “trying to get in shape.”

A final goal is essential to success, but so are the smaller bridges that get you there. Setting a big goal without checkpoints is like building fortress without first building roads to get there – it doesn’t make sense.

By setting up micro-goals, you keep your morale up when the going gets tough (which it will). The little wins keep you moving.

Here are some ideas for micro-goals:

  • A halfway point: halfway to the date you set, you should have lost close to half the amount of weight you’re seeking to lose.
  • Daily Disciplines: Give yourself daily disciplines. Things that are non negotiable in your quest for ketosis weight loss.
  • Track Ketosis: Purchase ketone testers to ensure that you’re not only losing weight, but that you’re also in ketosis. These testers come in different forms listed below:

Setting daily reminders and goals will keep you on track, and motivated for more. You’ll never experience the psychological benefit of achieving a goal unless you set it!

Step 2. Determine daily macronutrients/caloric intake for ketosis weight loss

ketosis weight loss macronutrient graph

Some Ketogenic Dieting plans suggest that you not count calories however, when you’re attempting to lose weight, caloric metrics are highly relevant.

Fortunately, there are manyKetogenic Diet resources like this calculator to help you figure out not only how many calories you should ingest daily, but also your daily macronutrient numbers.

As you probably know by now, the Ketogenic Diet requires a macronutrient split of: 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

These numbers will be affected by how many calories you’ll be consuming. Once your daily nutrition numbers are set, your ketosis weight loss plan is nearly ready to launch!

Step 3. Get an exercise schedule

I wish I could tell you that maintaining a healthy diet was all you had to do – and don’t get me wrong it’s a huge part of weight loss – but you need to also have an exercise plan.

ketosis weight loss exercise image

But maybe you’ve never seen the inside of a gym. You wouldn’t know where to begin! I would encourage you to not get overwhelmed; everyone started somewhere, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you’re a beginner, you need to learn the “big” lifts first. And by “big” lifts, I mean compound lifts. These lifts include: bench, squat, deadlifts, pullups, dips, etc.

Included with these lifts should be a cardio plan. You don’t have to run a marathon or anything like that, just hop on the treadmill for thirty minutes and get your heart rate up before or after your lift.

After you’ve mastered the compound movements, then (and only then) should you concern yourself with getting bodybuilder ripped. You can do this by throwing in auxiliary lifts (curls, triceps, etc.) or by utilizing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) programs. But remember, if you’re a beginner, start with the lifts that utilize the most muscles at the same time first, then work in singular movements.

Focus on losing fat before you focus on winning Mr/Mrs Olympia.

Step 4. The Purge

Watching someone attempt to quit smoking is one of the strangest things. This is mainly because every smoker has a different tactic on how they quit: some go cold turkey, some slowly wean themselves off until they’re prepared to go a whole day without a smoke.

For your ketosis weight loss plan, you’re going to go cold turkey. Or better yet, we’re going to call it a purge. Pick a day – preferably a few days before you start your ketosis weight loss plan – and purge all unhealthy, non-ketogenic foods from your place of residence.

This sounds drastic, but after years of making carbs the base of your diet, it’s going to be an uphill battle kicking this habit. You need to rid yourself of temptations – and excuses.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the junk from your fridge and cupboards, it’s time to restock with healthy foods. Meats, veggies, nuts, and oils. If you would like a comprehensive list, it can be found from our ketogenic diet starter guide.

As you purchase keto friendly foods, draft up a meal plan for the week. Most people prepare for the week on Sunday night; this is the perfect time to write out your meal plan and prepare whatever you need to, so that eating is easy as reaching for tupperware in the fridge.

With the healthy food now patrolling your kitchen, you’re one step closer to ketosis weight loss.

Here’s Your Chance

If you’ve failed on your New Year’s resolution, forget it. You have to put that behind you and start over. This is your chance, and we want to be there for the whole thing. This is why we’re not just interested in giving you recipes.

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is about so much more than just food, it’s about shaping your today for a better tomorrow. It’s about being mindful of how your present choices affect your future results.

The benefits of ketosis go so much farther than weight loss, but it is admittedly a huge plus! Start today with this ketosis weight loss plan and take your life to the next level!

Before starting, you might want to read also about some common things people do wrong when starting the keto diet.

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