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The Keto Diet Food List: Pork Lovers Addition

  • April 27, 2016

What’s one of the best parts of the Ketogenic Diet? MEAT

Meat is both an important source of fat and protein, and let’s face it, it’s also DELICIOUS. One of the most delicious and versatile members of the meat pantheon is pork. From bacon, to pork chops, this meat offers many variations that can be worked into your keto diet food list. But if you’re trying to nail down which pork products you should buy for your next store trip, we think you should highly consider the following items for your keto diet food list.

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ketogenic diet cancer connection feature image

The Ketogenic Diet Cancer Connection

  • February 29, 2016

Cancer has long been one of the most prevalent, and insidious diseases that plagues our society. Manifesting itself in various forms, this disease can take someone slowly, without the person even knowing it. Compounded with the fact that the medical industry has made chemotherapy and radiation as the first choice to combat the disease, Cancer has become one of the slowest, most expensive, ways to die.

But there’s something that many well-meaning, hopeful cancer patients never hear about before entering the painful, protracted treatments prescribed by most physicians…

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grass fed keto diet plan

Grass-Fed A Must-Have For Your Keto Diet Plan

  • February 14, 2016

You might think you’re eating healthy, but in all reality, you could be eating poison.

This poison comes off the grill, it’s slathered on our food, it’s sliced into with a knife at a ritzy dinner date.

This poison is grain-fed beef. And not just beef, it’s any product that comes from grain-fed beef, which includes butter – an essential source of fat on a keto diet plan.

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