Exogenous Ketone Reviews: KetoCaNa and KetoForce

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Product Overview

KetoCana is an exogenous ketone product that comes in powder form and is served by mixing it with water and consuming 15 minutes before intense exercise (or when energy is needed).

What makes this product unique is that unlike many other workout energy products, KetoCaNa is designed with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is the most effective ketone body for energy, and can act as a replacement to carbohydrate-centric energy. One aspect of the Ketogenic Diet that many adherents notice in beginning the diet is that they lack energy. This is because their body’s are used to the quick (but fleeting) energy of carbs; with KetoCaNa, you can harness the energy of ketones, which will sustain you for a longer duration without the crash of carbs.


The largest and most talked about benefit of this supplement is definitely the energy and mental alertness that KetoCaNa provides. After taking the standard dose 19 grams (11.7 of which are BHB) 15 minutes before a workout, you’ll soon notice the change in your state as you build throughout your session.

It has been our experience in experimenting with KetoCaNa that not only is the energy even during a workout, but there is no crash or shakiness toward the end of a session.

Another benefit that KetoCaNa affords anyone taking it is the ability to move quickly into Ketosis without the prolonged wait that nutritional ketosis often comes with. It could be as easy as waking up from sleep (which is a natural fast), and dosing KetoCaNa to get yourself back on track if you’ve fallen out of ketosis.


If you don’t have the stomach or pallet for KetoCaNa, using this product might be difficult. We’re spoken with others who’ve used KetoCaNa who’ve complained about stomach pain/GI distress, and even diarrhea when supplementing with KetoCaNa. This has not been a universal experience, but it should be noted that this is a possible side effect.

The poor taste has been described as chemically altered Tang, but we’ve found it to be bearable. Remember, this is a performance supplement, not a pleasure refreshment: these things often come with costs to flavor quality.


KetoCaNa suggests that if you are NOT in ketosis, you should take three servings a day (one 15 minutes prior to a workout) for two – three days. However, if you ARE in ketosis, it is suggested that you use the exogenous ketone in a pre-workout context, meaning only using 15 minutes before a workout. One dose of KetoCaNa can stay in your system for up to three hours.


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Product Overview

KetoForce, made by the same company that produces the powdered exogenous ketone KetoCaNa – Keto Sports – is an unflavored liquid that contains the essential ketone beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in 30cc servings. Much like KetoCaNa, KetoForce is taken before intense athletic activity, and can be used as an appetite suppressant as well.

KetoForce has a high level of alkalinity (pH 10-11) so it is suggested that it be mixed with a fruit juice such as lemon juice or grapefruit juice to help with ingestion. Because it is an unflavored, unsweetened liquid, KetoForce can be mixed in a wider amount of concoctions, unlike KetoCaNa which is a flavored powder. This is a great source of Ketogenic energy that you could throw in your favorite pre workout shake, or a meal replacement.


The KetoForce exogenous ketone works, and it works fast (liquid is absorbed faster). After testing, we would suggest this for anyone who needs exogenous in a hurry (as a shot) and who doesn’t mind foul tastes.


The taste. To best describe it, would be to have you imagine a block of salt in a shot glass. That being said, if you follow the suggestion to mix it in a fruit juice, it’s bearable. Another option is to put it into your coffee (if you’re ok with altering the taste of your morning joe).

Also to be noted, are the GI issues that come with KetoForce, just as they do with KetoCaNa. To combat this, we suggest to cut the doses to a half or a quarter of the regular serving. Which leads us to the dosing section.


The dosing with KetoForce is where things get foggy. The “dosage” is filling the bottle cap once, which isn’t exactly a solid serving size device. However, this does leave it up to you to customize to your needs/tolerance.


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