Exogenous Ketone Review: Onnit MCT Oil / Emulsified MCT Oil

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There are numerous MCT Oil products out there that say they’re giving you pure energy, but many of these brands are just massive manufacturers hiding behind some slick branding. When we review a product and contemplate putting it on our site we look for performance – that’s a given. But we also look at the brand. We want to know if they’re for real, if they really are invested in helping people optimize their lives.

And we can say with certainty that Onnit passes this test with flying colors. Onnit is a total human optimization brand that provides you with everything you need to, as Joe Rogan puts it, “be the hero of your own movie.”

Onnit provides everything from supplements, to coffee, to kickass workout equipment. But today, we’re going to focus on their exogenous ketone products, Onnit MCT Oil and Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil. I’m sure you’re wondering what the difference is, or what the term “emulsified” means. And before we get into the individualized products, we’ll clear these differences up.

What’s the difference between MCT Oil and Emulsified MCT Oil?

Standard Onnit MCT Oil is processed from 100% pure coconut oil into a 30% Lauric Acid, 31% C10, and 38% C8 pure MCT oil product. It’s no frills. Mix it into your coffee, shakes, or onto food and let it rip: all the clean energy you need in place of carbs.

Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil on the other hand, is a more concentrated, flavored option for MCT Oil. Meaning you can add this stuff to your favorite beverages and have taste masked while still getting the benefits. Basically, it’s an oil that mixes cleanly with flavor. Yummy, and you’ll burn fat!

Onnit MCT Oil

MCT oil for keto diet plan

Product Overview: Onnit’s MCT Oil is derived from pure coconut oil, which is a contrast from how many of the MCT mass producers get their MCT Oil from palm oil. The extraction of MCT from palm oil is harder on the environment, and produces less pure supplement.

The pure coconut oil extraction adds not only the vital MCTs C8 and C10, but also Lauric Acid: an essential MCT that digests slowly, for prolonged energy. Lauric acid is left out of many of the MCT oils on the market, which is lessens the effect of the energy source that MCT give you. Lauric acid is also essential in the satiating of appetite. This means that Onnit’s MCT Oil will give you clean burning energy AND keep cravings away.

Onnit suggests taking one to four servings a day as a mix in a drink, topping on food (such as salad), or in a protein smoothie mix.


Easily the most spoken of strength of Onnit MCT Oil is the product’s ability to satiate appetite. Multiple product reviews – both on Onnit and Amazon – talk about being able to put a shot of healthy fats in your morning coffee and being able to work throughout the day without experiencing hunger, or lag in energy. One reviewer said that they used it to help with hunger throughout the night.

Another benefit (and this is a BIG one) is the taste, or lack thereof. While many other MCT products come with a harsh taste, the reviews for Onnit MCT Oil claim that this product matches well with whatever beverage you put it in. In our experience, there isn’t a trace of the product other than the oily remnants that are obviously going to happen with an oil based product.


The good news is that the critical reviews don’t mention anything of poor taste, which is a great measuring test against ours and any other claims that this product has little to no taste.

Many users reported day-altering GI distress. As in, attached to toilet, explosive diarrhea.


Per the Onnit MCT Oil page, it is suggest that you use one serving (15mL) 1 to 4 times day. Of course, you can always modify this to how you see fit, but we suggest half servings if you don’t have any previous experience with exogenous ketones (to avoid disaster pants).

Emulsified MCT Oil

Emulsified MCT Oils

Product Overview

Onnit’s Emulsified MCT Oil brings a accommodating exogenous ketone product to the table. It is an ideal supplement for anyone who wants to A) add some variety to their ketone supplementation or B) doesn’t have the stomach or pallet for regular MCT Oil.

What makes this possible is the emulsifying process that Onnit uses to create an exogenous ketone that mixes in beverages much like a coffee creamer would. So instead of the oily residue that many MCT users complain of, you get an evenly mixed beverage with a refreshing flavor.

Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil is currently offered in four flavors: pumpkin spice, creamy coconut, creamy vanilla, and creamy strawberry. The serving size is 1 tablespoon or 15 mL.


It’s like coffee creamer with amazing fuel instead of sugar. That fact cannot be overstated. The emulsifying technology of this product creates an ease that formally wasn’t afforded someone who was pursuing the ketogenic diet.

No more watching your friends drink exotic sugar bombs of coffee drinks while you slurp away on your buttery tasting BPC (not that the butter taste of BPC is bad, it can become monotonous, though.) You can finally add some taste to your beverages without using sugar based sweeteners that will throw you out of ketosis.


While we don’t agree with the criticism, many have said that Onnit’s Emulsified MCT Oil’s taste is questionable. The main complaint was that it didn’t taste like coffee creamer. To this, we’d say that it’s not coffee creamer – it’s MCT Oil.

In summation, if you’re looking for coffee creamer, this product isn’t for you. However if you’re looking for an exogenous ketone supplement that mixes well with beverages, and grows the possibilities of what you can do with your healthy fats, then Onnit’s Emulsified MCT Oil is for you!


The serving suggestion for Emulsified MCT Oil is a lot like the suggestion for Onnit MCT Oil (1 tablespoon/15mL). Except instead of 1 to 4 times daily, this product only calls for one daily serving.

Endorsements for both products

Onnit MCT Oil

Joe DeFranco: Founder of DeFranco’s gym, a training base for some of the country’s most elite athletes.

I take 2-3 tablespoons of MCT Oil a day and I notice a tremendous difference in energy.

Bradnon Guyer: Major League Baseball Player

Whenever I’m looking to get quality fats in me for caloric energy and nutrition, MCT Oil does the job. I put it in my coffee and shakes every day and the clean energy and feeling I get from it is second to none.

Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone: UFC Lightweight Fighter

I put this stuff in my coffee, I put it in my water, hell I drink it straight up. There is something about it that my body loves, and I can’t get enough of it. Right now I have more energy and feel like the best Cowboy yet, and I know the MCT is playing a big part in that.

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