HIIT Workout Plans for Fat Burning

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HIIT workout plans or High Intensity Interval Training are designed to burn fat and build muscle.

Traditional HIIT training (learn more here) involves repeated “circuits” of high intensity exercises followed by periods of rest. The rest periods are often shortened, and the focus isn’t on the amount of weight you can do, but rather the efficiency with which you can complete the number of required circuits. And no matter what your activity life looks like, HIIT Training can be implemented to assist with your muscular and cardiovascular growth. The principles can literally be applied to every type of exercise or sport.

HIIT Workout plans provide some of the following major benefits:

We’ll be documenting three types of HIIT workouts in this article that are resistance training focused. However there are many other versions of HIIT training. These three forms of HIIT will build muscle while boosting metabolism. They are as follows:

  • Kettlebell
  • Traditional Weight Training
  • Bodyweight

Kettlebell HIIT Workout Plans

The Kettlebell originated in Russia as a type of weights to balance scales at agricultural markets. But by 1900, the Kettlebell had evolved into an exercise tool for the Russian people to display their strength, eventually being used by the Soviet Army as a prt of their strength regimen for their soldiers. Pavel Tsatouline, a Russian strength trainer who coached various military outfits like the KGB, is credited with making the kettlebell a common workout tool in the United States, and has some of the best resources on using the kettlebell.

Because of its versatility, the Kettlebell is an ideal tool for HIIT workout plan. You can literally hit every muscle group without putting it down: efficiency at its finest. Below, we’ve added a sample Kettlebell HIIT workout from Onnit:

Execution: 8 Rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

High Pull Catch and Squats

The initial movement is similar to a swing. Instead of letting it swing all the way out though, keep the kettlebell close to your body. At the top of the motion, catch the kettlebell by the horns. Maintain good form throughout your squat and repeat.

Explosive Swings

The emphasis here is on explosiveness because the goal of a tabata workout is to get your heart rate up high and then recover in a short amount of time. These reps should be quick.


Alternate each round. After exploding with your hips, pull the kettlebell towards your shoulder. When it gets higher than your shoulder, punch through and lock the kettlebell out. Make sure not to let the kettlebell slap against your arm. Let the kettlebell drop. Resist so it doesn’t jerk your shoulder. Repeat.

Get more workouts like this here!

Full-body Weight Room HIIT

The weight room offers a wide variety of equipment for you to engage in a HIIT workout plans. Barbells, dumbbells, and multiple cable machines offer a literal playground of muscle building and fat burning.

Separate your muscle groups by days of the week in the following order:

  • Chest, back, and core – Monday
  • Upper legs, calves, and triceps – Tuesday
  • Shoulders, biceps, traps – Wednesday
  • Chest, back, and core – Thursday
  • Upper legs, calves, and triceps – Friday
  • Shoulders, biceps, traps – Saturday

Example workout: 1 set, 30 seconds rest between each exercise, perform 3 times through

  1. Bench 1×10
  2. Dumbbell Incline 1×10
  3. Cable OR Dumbbell Fly 1×10
  4. Lat Pulldown 1×10
  5. Barbell Row 1×10
  6. Seated Cable Row 1×10
  7. Crunch 1×10
  8. Hanging Leg Raise 1×10
  9. Plank 1×1 minute

Bodyweight HIIT

The best part about bodyweight HIIT workout plans is their accessibility. You can do them at home, the gym, or even work (if you’re really strapped for time). They’re also low cost, so if you’re balling on a budget, you can still get ripped.

This example bodyweight HIIT Workout from HIIT Academy is a great place to start:

hiit workout plans bodyweight

4 Circuits Completed 3 times each before moving to the next.

  1. Circuit 1: 30 secs of push ups, 30 secs plank tucks, 30 seconds rest
  2. Circuit 2: 30 secs alternating lunges, 30 secs ¼ Squat jumps, 30 sec rest
  3. Circuit 3: 30 secs bench dips, 30 secs stationary sprints, 30 secs rest
  4. Circuit 4: 30 secs leg lifts, 30 secs v-holds, 30 secs rest

The Ketogenic Diet and HIIT training is a combination that will have you looking SPARTA in no time.

Hiit workout plans create an environment where your body burns calories and builds muscle in a concentrated amount of time. It’s one of the most robust workout techniques because it works on strength while simultaneously hitting cardio. No more protracted workout plans that have you doing multiple workouts a day, and eating through your time. We live in a fast-paced society, and your exercise habits have to match this pace.

After you try these HIIT workout plans, you’ll burn fat and shred muscle!

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