The Keto Diet Food List: Pork Lovers Addition

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What’s one of the best parts of the Ketogenic Diet? MEAT

Meat is both an important source of fat and protein, and let’s face it, it’s also DELICIOUS. One of the most delicious and versatile members of the meat pantheon is pork. From bacon, to pork chops, this meat offers many variations that can be worked into your keto diet food list. But if you’re trying to nail down which pork products you should buy for your next store trip, we think you should highly consider the following items for your keto diet food list.

1. Bacon

What Part of the Pig does it come from?

Bacon comes in different forms, from different parts of the pig. But if Keto Diet food list calls for the standard “streak bacon,” which most of us in the Unites States eat, it comes from the belly of the pig.

It’s the fattiest – and most delicious- cut of bacon of them all. It’s also one of the most celebrated on the Keto diets. It is the candy of meats!

How do I cook it?

Streaky bacon as you might have guessed it, is traditionally cooked in a frying pan. One way to make great bacon is using a George Foreman grill. Bacon recipe here. It also comes pre cooked if you’re using it in other recipes. Check out the following resources who have provided amazing keto recipes with bacon as a main ingredient!

How much fat does it provide? (Per slice)

  • 3.3g Fat
  • 3g Protein
  • ANNND 0.1 g Carbs

2. Pork Chops

What part of the pig does it come from?

Pork chops come in a few different cuts, however all of these cuts come from the section running from the pig’s shoulder, to its hips. The “tenderloin” is the epicenter of pork deliciousness, if there were such a thing!

Some of the different versions of the pork chop are:

  • Pork Steak
  • Center-Cut Chop
  • Center-Loin Chop
  • Sirloin Chop
  • and last but not least, the boneless chop!

How do I cook it?

Pork Chops are incredibly versatile! Grilled, fried, or baked – these delicious cuts of pork can be seasoned in a variety of ways that will keep your mouth watering! But eater beware, many of the BBQ sauces that you know and love are high in sugars. Our suggestion would be cooking with a low-carb rub, or a low-carb sauce (like Simple Girl Carolina Style Sugar Free BBQ Sauce).

How much fat does it provide? (Per One Chop)

  • 36g Fat
  • 54g Protein
  • 0g Carbs

3.Pork Rinds

Looking for a snack on the Ketogenic diet can be hard, especially if you want to rip into that bag of Funyuns that have been staring at you for the past month in the breakroom vending machine! But there’s a answer for your crunchy/salty cravings, and that answer is Pork Rinds.

What part of the pig does it come from?

Pork rinds are actually pieces of deep-fried pig skin, and we’re not talking footballs! While this might sound gross, I can assure you that these crunchy snacks provide the same pleasure of a potato chip, without the regret of all of the carbs later.

How Do I Eat Them?


The best pork rind eating move is straight from the bag – like a grocery store barbarian. But you can also enjoy pork rinds by crunching them up, and using them in things like Keto taco salads! Heck, pork rinds have even been used to create a “Keto Cinnamon toast crunch” by some creative keto-ers out there!

Think of anything you do(did) with potato chips, and pork rinds will gladly take their place on your keto diet food list.

How much fat does it provide? (Serving size 14g)

  • 4g Fat
  • 9g Protein
  • 0g Carbs


Christmas, Easter, and pretty much any other large event in the colder months calls for stuffing your face with Ham.

But where does this delicious nectar come from?

Ham is taken from the leg of the porker, and cured with salt and other substances.

How Do I Eat it?

There are a plethora of recipes for ham, some being keto-friendly, and some that are loaded with sugar. An easy starter recipes for someone experimenting with the Ketogenic diet is ham, broccoli, and melted cheese!

How much fat does it provide? (From a serving of 140g of Ham)

  • 13g Fat
  • 32g Protein
  • 0g Carbs

5. Ribs

A keto diet food list pork edition wouldn’t be complete without this classic pork product! On weekends during the summer months, you’d be hard pressed to find a city without someone cooking up a slab of ribs over a fire, or a grill.

Ribs. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Baby back ribs are traditionally the most popular rib portion that you eat with your bare hands, and a bib attached to your shirt, but there are a few different types of ribs that rival the baby back for deliciousness.

  • Spare Ribs – These ribs are found near the stomach area of the hog, while baby backs are founs in the upper and lower back regions. They tend to be more lean than baby back ribs.
  • Tips – These are the underside end of the rib that often get cut off while the butcher prepares the ribs for a different style. However, it was soon realized that if these little nuggets of bbq goodness were cooked, the bone and sinew held the flavor almost better than the regular meat!
  • Country Style Rib – Theses “ribs” come from the shoulder region of the pig, and are sold with and without the shoulder blade attached to them.

How Do I Eat it?

Much like the aforementioned pork chops, ribs are often slathered in sugary barbecue sauce, with lots of sugar. But don’t worry! You can make use of:

How much fat does it provide? (From a serving of 128g)

  • 15g Fat
  • 2g Protein
  • 0g Carbs

The Keto Diet is already amazing, and full of delicious eats! But with this keto diet food list, you’ll be sure to have a playbook of pork to make your next dinner one you’ll never forget – or regret! From the crackle of bacon in the morning, to the simmering ribs at dinnertime, this list will have you high in fat, and taste!

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